1 June 2012

Mas Villa in the hill country of Kotmale, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kotmale Kandy background

Historic Kotmale, in close proximity to Kandy Sri Lanka, is home to Mas Villa and makes an ideal vacation destination for you to enjoy the cool, refreshing mountain climes of the tea growing hill country in this paradise island, Sri Lanka.

Mas Villa is a beautiful manor house that is 250 years old and located in pristine Kotmale Kandy Sri Lanka. Kotmale Kandy is primarily an agricultural and tea growing region in the Central mountains of Sri Lanka.

Kotmale, a town in the Nuwara Eliya hill country district of Sri Lanka is located in the Central Province tea growing mountains of Sri Lanka and is in close proximity to Kandy and Nuwara Eliya.

Mas Villa in Kotmale is under 75 minutes driving time from a holiday in Kandy and only 50 minutes from your holiday in Nuwara Eliya. Kotmale and Mas Villa are easily reached off the Nuwara Eliya road with a turn off close to the Ramboda falls. The town of Nawalapitiya is 13 kms away and has the railway station that is closest to Kotmale.

Kotmale, in the Central Province mountains of Sri Lanka, is home to the thirty year old, second largest dam in Sri Lanka; the Kotmale dam and reservoir (now renamed the Gamini Dissanayake Reservoir). The second largest stupa in Sri Lanka currently under construction in the hill country of Sri Lanka (the hollow domed Mahaweli Maha Seya) is another must visit attraction during your vacation at Mas Villa in Kotmale, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

An important rain catchment area of the hill country, Kotmale, in the central hills was left undisturbed by the ancient kings of Sri Lanka in view of its geographic, climatic and ecological significance.

The history of Kotmale Kandy, goes back more than two thousand years, having given sanctuary to Prince Dutugemunu, who went on to become King Dutugemunu and ruled Sri Lanka from 161-137 BC. Trek the famed and exciting ‘Dutugemunu Trails’ during your holiday stay at Mas Villa. Kotmale Kandy Sri Lanka gave refuge to the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha during the many Dravidian invasions from Southern India as well as conquerors from Europe.

The Kotmale Oya is a tributary of the Mahaweli river, the longest river in Sri Lanka. The Kotmale Oya begins in the Horton Plains, in the highlands of Sri Lanka. These green highlands receive annual rainfall in excess of 150 inches and help keep the rivers running all year.

The Kotmale Oya flows into the Mahaweli river a little beyond the town of Nawalapitiya. The tributaries of the Kotmale Oya include the Nanu Oya, Pundal Oya, Puna Oya and the Dambagasthalawa Oya.


Historical significance of Kotmale, Kandy

Kotmale, Kandy is a much admired legendary location in the highlands of Sri Lanka that makes a wonderful holiday destination. It was here that Prince Dutugemunu, who hailed from the ancient southern kingdom of Ruhuna found sanctuary.

The prince hid for 16 years in the Kotmale valley in the Central Province, to escape the consequences of having angered his father over not waging battle against the South Indian invader, King Elara, who was occupying the city of Anuradhapura. The prince lived in disguise and toiled the paddy fields of Kotmale hill country without anyone recognising who he was, including the family that gave him refuge.

Prince Dutugemunu assumed the name ‘Gupta’ (meaning ‘mystery’ in Sinhalese) while in Kotmale, Kandy. History records how ‘Kandula’, the royal elephant searched and located Prince Dutugemunu in the Kotmale valley upon the death of the king of Ruhuna. The true identity of the youth was revealed at this time to the villagers of Kotmale, Sri Lanka.

Trek the famous Dutugemunu trails of Kotmale, close to Mas Villa, and tread in the path of a famous king of ancient Sri Lanka during your vacation at Mas Villa, Kotmale Kandy Sri Lanka.


Holiday activity at Mas Villa in Kotmale, Kandy

There is much activity to engage in while on holiday at Mas Villa in Kotmale Kandy Sri Lanka.

Visit the Kotmale dam, the second largest embankment dam in Sri Lanka. Walk the crest of the Kotmale dam taking in the scenic beauty of the Kotmale reservoir and the jungle clad mountains on either side of the reservoir. The Kotmale dam is one of the four important headworks projects of the Mahaweli River Development Program in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Mahaweli Maha Seya, a large Buddhist stupa that is located atop a hill and overlooks the close by Kotmale dam.

Trek the ‘Dutugemunu Trails’ that stretch across Kotmale valley and indicate the places frequented by Prince Dutugemunu during his 16 year exile in Kotmale, Kandy, more than two thousand years ago.

Mas Villa, in Kotmale Kandy Sri Lanka with its winding roads is excellent for mountain biking trails, hiking, visiting amazing waterfalls, ancient temples and leisurely swimming in the Kotmale reservoir. Mas Villa is well placed in the Kandy hill country of Sri Lanka for an extended stay to visit all places of interest in the Central Province including a Nuwara Eliya holiday, Horton Plains, climbing Adam’s Peak mountain and for going on an exciting elephant or leopard watching safari at a National Park.

(Information courtesy, EzineArticles.com / Wikipedia.org)