Deluxe room


Decorated in shades of aubergine and chocolate brown, Calathea is a deluxe room that radiates modern minimalism. Calathea adjoins the Sanderiana deluxe room and is a favorite of families that prefer to have two rooms next to each other. A great room from which to view the surrounding countryside.

The view from the window:
Enjoy the surrounding countryside in all its vibrant hues and shades…


Heliconia is the coziest, most intimate of the rooms at the villa and overlooks terraced paddy fields and the distant mountains.

The view from the window:
Picture perfect images of terraced paddy fields and lush mountains…


Sanderiana, the largest and the most classically decorated of the three deluxe rooms, opens out onto the wide vistas of a central courtyard, the beautifully manicured garden and the verdant mountains beyond.

The view from the window:
Enjoy a garden in full bloom and the misty mountains beyond…